German Support Category

//EDIT: I just saw that there already is a similar topic. It didn’t show up in my search before. I’m very sorry for that.


Hi everyone

I’m not sure if that’s at the right place here. I apologize in case I’m wrong here.

I was wondering if you could add a German support category.

There are a lot of German speaking players out there. Especially with the younger ones it’s possible that there English isn’t very strong. A German support category would help here.

I‘m from Switzerland. I speak German, English and some basic French. Needless to say, I’d help out in that support category.

Have a great morning, day, evening or night.

Greetings from rainy and windy Basel.


@Moritz your needed :)

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I think that it’s not really required. Spanish, English, French and Mandarin are the main languages.

Don’t most Europeans now speak or understand English anyway?

I can’t say I’ve seen any need for it. 9/10 times Germans don’t have any issues speaking or writing in English.


I already placed it at @MishaCamp.
Nice to hear that another one is coming around with this idea :)

Oh yeah, Lars asked me and I totally forgot to bring it up #bestmodever


I had a topic abut this exact same thing, but it got closed. Lucky dog. I support this.


@schyllberg nice to hear :) and we Germanz think, that our English is bad, compared with other european countries


That’s just because in the written form he can’t here the German dialect (which is still a better one compared to the dialect some Swiss people have).


I agree with @schyllberg Even 12 years olds can speak english. As you can see the spanish or french categories are never used.

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The French category is used frequently though. But yes, you’re right. Most of the people can speak English. That category would be for those who don’t. Even if it’s only 1 out of 10. It’s helpful for him or her.


Well, it makes sense for languages that are very hard to learn english from. Or where english is not that much taught in schools. Like in France or Spain.

@Marc I agree. It would be a possibility for the guys who don’t have the chance to get sufficient support.

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Well, Google Übersetzer also works


I mean translate lol

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Guys, let’s not make a discussion about it, which will lead us to social or political things. I think it’s a good idea, to keep people sufficient supported and connected.

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I don’t think that it is necessary. I am from Austria and German is my main language. We (the German-speakers) start learning English in the 4th grade at the age of 10-11, so most of the German-speakers don’t have problems with speaking English.

Thats good idea im from Germany, many a lot of guys speaking German. I writing with abaout 10 friends in community and another social. Infinite Flight are in Germany App Store on the top 20 list. We can written also on privat messages one selection. But many a lot of from Germany players would been to easier speaking anything about over Infinite Flight or to share all own ideas and etc. to community.


As mentioned by others, most if not all german ppl I know speak very good english so this is why we haven’t added one. We don’t want to add new category just for the sake of it, only if there is a real need.

Let us know if there is a real need :)


At the end I wouldn’t use it. I speak german mainly though.

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