German Government / Flugbereitschaft A350


About This Aircraft
Recently, the German Government took delivery of their first A350-900. This is to replace their aging longhaul aircraft.

10+03 is the first of 3 A359s delivered to Flugbereitschaft for the VIP roles of trabsporting high ranking members inside the German Government. It was transferred from Hamburg Finkenwerder to the main Hamburg airport for work by Lufthansa Technik into making a VIP carrier aircraft

About the Flugbereitschaft
The Flugbereitschaft operate 5 A310s, 3 A319s, 1 A321, 2 A340s, 1 A350, 34 A400s and 6 Bombardier BD-700 Global Express’. 4 of the A310s are multi role tranker transport aircraft

What do u think of it?

By the looks, the other requests are closed

Hmm I don’t think I like it, the font of the writing seems a bit too old for a modern aircraft like the A350


This is such a cool airplane! It would be so nice to have this plane in the game! My VO @Luftwaffe_Virtual would be infinite happy to have this plane :)

There have already been two feature requests, but they are both closed. You could maybe make your feature request a bit more detailed. With more data etc. about the aircraft. And one more thing :) The aircraft is from the “Flugbereitschaft” and not from the “Luftwaffe”. Maybe you can change that in your title.

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Not a fan, way too Empty imo

Yep ive changed that. Ill make it mor3 detailed

I’m sorry but this is a duplicate.

The old one has 13 votes ! Just ask if the mods can open it :)


For all those who still want this livery to be added, have to vote again for it.

They updated the Livery abit. the font got updated and the winglets are now fully painted in the Colors of German Flag

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