German Executive Transport Jets @EDDK

I live near Cologne/Bonn Airport (EDDK/CGN) and went for a walk around a little lake today. This pond is right next to the airport. Luckily, there were 4 aircrafts from the German Air Force Executive Transport Wing right next to the fence. I took some pictures, but these are not of the best quality because I didn’t have any equipment with me and the view is very limited due to numerous trees and the fence.

You can see 4 planes from the Flugbereitschaft des Bundesministeriums der Verteidigung der Deutschen Luftwaffe (eng: Executive Transport Wing of the Federal Ministry of Defence of the German Air Force).
They are based here in Cologne but I rarely spotted so many of them together.

The planes on the pictures are:

  • Airbus A319-133X CJ 15+01
  • Airbus A319-133X CJ 15+02
  • Airbus A340-313 VIP 16+01 “Konrad Adenauer” (ex. Lufthansa)
  • Airbus A340-313 VIP 16+02 “Theodor Heuss” (ex. Lufthansa)

Those planed handle the VIP state, government and parliamentary flight operations and government officials, members of the parliament and high-ranking Bundeswehr officers (German Armed Force) may claim them.

I made some more pictures of the A319, but you can actually see more trees on it than the actual plane so I won’t post them here.

Due to some incidents with the current planes, the German Government ordered 3 new A350-900 for their Executive Transport Wing. The first 350 is scheduled to go into service in mid-2020, so I really look forward to see the livery on it.

Hope you like this little topic with information and some pictures. :)


Wow looks like a spooky place to spot. ⚠️ Great job anyways looks amazing 🤩

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Nice photos!

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I was hoping I would get to see one of those come into Pittsburgh next week, but the Coronavirus didn’t want to play, so RIP, that’s awesome though that they have a walking path right next to the airport

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Nice can’t wait To see the 350

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