German ATC Tutorial (Deutsches ATC Anleitung)

This was inspired by: Deutsch (German) Language in #support
Although I don’t think this will help many German’s answer questions on the forum, it will however help them to understand english! , Guten Tag

(This is a starter guide for simple commands)

Unicom: Unicom ist für Nicht-ATC-Controller-Befehle
Announce Taxi: Verwenden Sie diesen Befehl, um Ihr Taxi zu einer Startbahn anzukündigen

Announce Takeoff:
Dieser Befehl fordert Sie auf, von der Startbahn abzuheben

Clear of all runways:
Das heißt, Sie haben alle Landebahnen nach der Landung geräumt

Send traffic advisories:
Das bedeutet, dass Sie diese Landebahn benutzen und Ihnen sagen, welche Landebahn

Cross Runway: Dies bedeutet, die Landebahn zu überqueren

Hold Short: die Option bedeutet, die Landebahn zu halten

Ground Options:

Request Pushback: Verwenden Sie dies, um einen Push-Back-Antrag zu

Request Taxi: Verwenden Sie dies, um den Start anzufordern

Request Frequency Change: Verwenden Sie dies, um die Frequenz zu ändern

Tower Options:

Request Takeoff:
Verwenden Sie dies, um den Start anzufordern von atc

Request Approach: Verwenden Sie dies, um den Ansatz anzufordern

Call Inbound: Verwenden Sie dies, um eine Anfrage an die Startbahn anzukündigen

Report Position: Verwenden Sie dies, um Ihre Position zu melden


Request Approach: Verwenden Sie dies, um eine Annäherung an den Flughafen anzufordern

Request Flight Following: Verwenden Sie dies, um den Flug zu einem bestimmten Flughafen anzufordern

Request Altitude Change: Verwenden Sie dies, um eine bestimmte Höhe anzufordern, die Sie wünschen

Check In: das bedeutet einchecken

Request Radar Vectors: das bedeutet, dass Radarvektoren angefordert werden


Request Departure: das bedeutet, die Abfahrt in jede Richtung anzufordern

(Das ist alles was du jemals brauchen wirst)

I will be posting an advance tutorial on how to use ATC in German. These simple commands will help you get past ATC and will teach you some english as well! If you think this is spam, please do not flag it, simply just close the thread. Hope this helps many German flyers out there and Guten Tag!

In German:
Ich möchte ein fortgeschrittenes Vorbereitungs-Tutorial für die Verwendung von ATC in Deutsch buchen. Diese einfachen Befehle werden Ihnen helfen, an ATC vorbeizukommen und Ihnen etwas Englisch beibringen! Wenn Sie denken, dass es Spam ist, markieren Sie es bitte nicht, schließen Sie einfach den Thread. Hoffe das hilft vielen deutschen Flyern da draußen und guten Tag

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Is this google translate… The words dont match up.


Anyways, I will be posting an advanced version tomorrow for those to view

I’m not really sure if it makes sense to do a tutorial based on what looks like google translate results. If someone has no idea what the commands mean he will only be confused by the sentences which in 90% of the cases either lack words, have complete nonsense translations (no, I don’t file a formal request for a cab when requesting taxi) or have grammar issues that make it hard to understand what you mean (even the title of the topic already features one).

I don’t say this is a stupid idea, in fact having tutorials in their language may help people who don’t speak English very well to understand ATC better. However, this only makes sense with a proper translation instead of what is in this now. Furthermore I would try to elaborate some commands a bit more. Check in is now explained as „use this to check in“ which is probably not very helpful to someone who never read any other ATC tutorial or has never used ATC before.


Ya, some words I did have to use google translate but 80% I already knew. I am just creating this so people who only speak this language only have a basic feel of the commands

Well, there’s just the problem that German-speaking people with no knowledge of english and ATC will have difficulties to even understand some very basic commands.

Just some examples:

Literally translated it says „this option means to hold the runway“ Instead of telling people to stop at the hold short line it tells to hold it in your hands. Obviously no one would do that but what does this tell me as a newbie without any knowledge?

This basically say you should request an ansatz for a mathematical problem

Another problem I see is that you should really tell more about certain commands and clearly highlight the difference between unicom and controlled ATC frequencies.


These tutorials are a great idea but it would be well suited if written by a native speaker and someone who knows the language very well.

(Esp with German, it’s pretty complicated)


Thanks Mortiz and Dush. This needs to be well though out and orchestrated with someone that speaks and writes fluently in Moritz’s homeland language.