German Airforce C160 Transall Goodbye Tour Part 2

After spotting the farwell flight or so called Goodbye tour North (Part1)

Now i also got the C160 Transall while doing the Second part the South Tour through Germany.

For more i information about the reason about the Goodbye tour just look in to the first Thread there i alredy wrote it and also answerd questions. but your also welcome to ask some questions here 😉.

So now let’s watch two of my best shots from the Goodbye Tour visit at the Airport Münster/Osnabrück (EDDG)

The foramtion of two Transall came directly from the north at about 80-100ft and passed over the Terminal with an direct left turn to get an visiual approach for runway 25.

After the landing and an 1hr break they started theier engins and waited for clearenc on the runway where an very nice phenomenon appeard on both Aircrafts.

After the Take off the made an sharp Right turnd and again flew at about 80-100ft above the Terminal and continued there Tour further to the Southern Part of Germany

Thanks for passing by and reading all this.


That second one is just… I have no words…

Can i use it as my wallpaper please?


If you want go for it 😊

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Thank you very much!


Awesome photos, the second one is stunning with the vapor coming off the propellers!


That’s a nice Livery on that plane

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Yeah, they painted it just for the reason as rhe Aircraft will be Retired. So with the Livery the are showing the complete life of the Transall for what reasons it was used.

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Loooool one of them flew directly over my place at 1600ft departing EDDG couple days ago


Yeah they sometimes are here at EDDG so pick up some Soldiers but doesn’t happen hoften

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That livery is to die for OMG…Beautiful Goodbye.

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That C160 Transall will not die after 31.12.2021 it then will be brought in to an Museum

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