German Air Force Callsign

German Air Force Callsign

I would like to see a new call sign in Infinite Flight. The callsign is for the German Air Force or also known as the Luftwaffe. The German Air Force flies to many routes all over the world. There is also a virtual organization that represents the German Air Force. The virtual organization is known under the name @Luftwaffe_Virtual. Many members there would be happy about the callsign.

Like an airlines callsign, this callsign consists of the names of the airlines and numbers behind them. The number consists of three numbers. You can change these three numbers at will. The callsign is then structured like this.

German Air Force | 000

Three more call signs can now be found here.

Example 1 : German Air Force 001

Example 2 : German Air Force 100

Example 3 : German Air Force 250

Maybe you would love it if this callsign was added. I would be really happy about that!

We have sooo many different Airlines in the Airlines Tab, I dont think its too hard to imply this one, got my vote;)


Yes, I see it the same way. It would be so nice to see it in Infinite Flight.

I didn’t make any research but I would assume “German Air Force” is probably not used as a callsign.

They’re more likely to use nouns with connection to a squadron. If you get to find data and sample of callsigns you will be more successful at getting them added by the dev team.

Nb: you can try and contact Cameron directly with the callsigns once you, get them

Below is a picture of a German Air Force flight that can be found on Flight Radar 24. In this case, GAF stands for German Air Force. German Air Force is just like e.g. Lufthansa or Eurowings used. The German Air Force also flies passenger planes. It is pronounced like other airlines.

In this topic, Cameron wrote that we shouldn’t write to him. There was also a military call sign, which should be added to Infinite Flight.

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