George's Expert ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello all! Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread. Currently I’m opening airports according to IFATC Schedule and every time I go controlling at interesting airports, I’ll try my best to list it down here. Thanks


I will be there

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Currently I’m open at WSSS! Come and have some patterns ;)

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Sorry I have to go dinner really sorry I’m gonna come in the day

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Runway 02L is for used for landings, and 02C for departures. Going to enforce realistic procedures unless it gets busy

Don’t worry, see you next time ;)

Hello all, currently I’m open at HAAB. Feel free to come and have patterns ;)

Runway 25L in use, Runway 25R is used for back taxiing

Still there?
Edit: had to leave sorry!

Sorry, I have closed unfortunately :(

I’m currently open at LTAI (Antalya). Come and have a pattern here ;)

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I’m currently open at Gothenburg (ESGG). Pattern work is allowed ;)

it says that you are open above if you still are i will join

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Unfortunately I have closed. Sorry that I haven’t changed the title 😅

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OEMA TGA is now open, please come and fly from here ;)

EDIT : Closed

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