George's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @EBLG (PASSED PRACTICAL)

Hello everyone!

I’m currently practicing to become an IFATC!
I will be practicing at my home airport in Belgium, Liège (EBLG).
I think that I’m a good ATC, but I’m very new at controlling a pattern. I’ve been in several tracking threads and helped some pilots so I know pretty much what I need to do. So for the moment, please don’t come with 4 or more pilots. In the future I could carry more pilots.

Also, if you have any feedback for me, don’t hesitate to say it!

Happy flying!


Are you open?

No I’m sorry.

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Hello everyone

I’m now open at EBLG, Tower and Ground.
Please, don’t come if there are already 3 pilots. You can go on somebody else’s thread to help him/her out.
Thank you!

Also, if you got some feedback, don’t hesitate to say it!

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Thanks everyone for coming ! Please, leave your feedback…

Thank you!

Heyy, I was NKO526,

You obviously know your stuff about Sequencing… but I do have a few remarks:

  1. When I requested Runwaychange for the first time you told me I´l call your base then you sequenced me without a pattern entry. A pattern entry must be given after every Runway change!

  2. When you see a aircraft is consideralby faster then a other try to sequence him infront ( this is not neccesary it just gives the faster pilot the opertunity to akkomodate more patterns.

  3. When you cleared me for the option after the rwy change you didn´t tell me left/right traffic so I resumed my right traffic wich would block the departures of 23R .

  4. I´l call your Base… Try to trust the pilots more. If you have sequenced it is theyr job to keep sufficiant spacing.

  5. Try to work on you response times as they were taking quite a while

  6. Listen to what Tyler Shelton allways says, Sequence and clear no need to withold the clearence if it´s clear where whos going where behind whom you can sit back and enjoy…

  7. the pattern entrys and Sequences given where all correct…

  8. at one point someone had to go around, when doing so it is allways best to cancel the takeoff clearence as the departure paths might cross

Work on this and Im sure you will be with us soon!

Good Evening
PS; if you have questions feel free to ask…

Hi there, everything went well!

  • sequencing was top!
  • you kept a very good separation.
  • i’d Rather say to an aircraft, which has two options to exit the runway, “exit rwy when able and contact ground. Now I had to taxi a big part of the runway to make a right exit.

it felt like a real IFATC session. Keep his work up and I think you’re ready to handle some patterns with more people! Don’t be scared, you always learn from your faults.

I agree with above. You didn’t need to send me on a go around, but you realized that after. The only thing I would suggest is to tell me to make right traffic, as I would have been crossing the departing airplane’s flight path. Also, when a runway change is requested, you should tell which traffic to make, and stick to right or left depending on the runway, to keep the planes from crossing the other flight path.
Lastly, when I reported on final, full stop, you don’t have to send unnecessary report; this was to let you know my intentions that I was landing, and there was traffic behind me to so you can expedite the exit runway and clear it for the inbound.

Good job!

Yeah, I told you to go around because I tought you where cleared on 23L. 😆
But I realised after that you where cleared for 23R.

No problem! On the right where you see the callsigns, keep in mind it shows you what runway the pilot is using, and if it changes from white to green, they’ve been cleared. :)

Okay, thanks for the tip !

Thanks everybody, I will keep your feedbacks in mind! I will probably do another session tomorrow. Bye !

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Hello everyone!

I’m now open at EBLG. Feel free to come!
If we are already with 5 pilots, just head back to another thread and help him/her out!

Thank you!

If you have feedback, don’t hesitate to say it!

Hello everyone!

I’m now open at EBLG. Feel free to come!
If we are already with 5 pilots, just head back to another thread and help him/her out!

Thank you!

If you have feedback, don’t hesitate to say it!

Hi George!

I was in the TBM during your session

Your controlling is really good, although there’s a few things I picked up on.

  • When someone announces inbound you need to give a pattern entry (e.g join left downwind), as well as a sequence.
  • You forgot my clearance for one of my patterns, which is why I sent the position calls (this happened to me in my practical test, as I had forgotten to clear an aircraft - part of the reason I failed)

Other than that it was good controlling

Keep up the good work!


Yeah, but my wifi is very bad in my room so I was disconnected for a few seconds. Because of that the ATC-chat was deleted…

But thanks for the feedback, I will keep this in mind.
And also, thanks for coming!

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I’m coming

Oh it’s closed

Yeah, forgot to say it. I’m really sorry.

EBGL is now closed.
Have a good day!