Geoff_S's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSEA

Welcome to my tracking thread!

I open this thread in order to provide ATC service and also improve my performance with practice. I am hoping to apply for IFATC in the near future and would appreciate all your help . I am open to receive advice by the experts in ATC and Pilots alike. Please feel free to make departures, arrivals or pattern work.


Hey there, welcome to the community!

I’m currently in the TBM doing circuits. Just a few quick things. Make sure you’re giving the clearance to land early! You should aim to give it on crosswind if you can. There’s been a few times I have had to go around as I wasn’t clear to land yet! Remember entry pattern (if required), sequence (if required), and clearance!

Thanks Aaron. I will work on that

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Hey Geoff! Sorry I couldn’t stick around longer I had to head off, you were getting better with the clearances there at the end. Nice job! Just a few quick comments.

Great catch with the go around between United and myself! Another thing you can do, next time you can say extend downwind, or you’ll call my base. But still it was safe so good job!

Remember for a runway change. Pattern entry, sequence (if needed), and clearance. You forgot the pattern entry, but you cleared me in a timely manner and remembered direction of traffic. Great!

Lastly, don’t forget to give exit runway commands.

Other than that, good job, you remembered to clear me for landing when I said full stop, and there was lots of improvement over the time I was there.

Hope to stop by again!

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Are u still open?

Aaron these are great comments and really helpful. I look forward to further feedback. Hope you stop by again soon.

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sorry, Makdak. Forgot to change my subject to closed yesterday. I am open now at KFRG if you are around stop by. Thanks

Hey Geoff,

Great improvement from yesterday! You remembered all the landing clearances this time and no go arounds needed!

Everything was well done for the most part, a few small things to work on. The biggest thing to improve on is to issue the landing clearance a bit earlier. Remember you can issue the landing clearance when I’m turning crosswind or on the downwind you don’t need to wait for me to be on final. With one aircraft giving it on final may not be an issue. But if you have multiple aircraft in the circuit that would get a bit hectic. Hopefully you get a few more aircraft soon!

You also handled the runway change a lot better today, giving me a pattern entry and landing clearance. However remember to give a traffic direction for a new inbound traffic, or in the case of a runway change. You remembered to do this on the 2nd circuit though on the new runway so great job catching it!

Remember to give the exit runway command when a full stop aircraft slows down below 70kts for turbine aircraft and A bit slower for prop aircraft. You did give the exit runway command, but a little bit earlier would be nice!

One last thing, at the start when you tell me to taxi to runway xx, contact tower when ready, you already gave me my frequency change. If an aircraft then requests frequency change you can say you’ve already been instructed to change frequencies. You can find this at the bottom of the misc. messages!

Other than that, everything else was well done, the go-around was handled nicely as well as the transition altitude. The frequency change to JFK departure was nice, as well as the pattern entry when I returned. Great improvement from yesterday, good job! Hope to stop by again!

Thanks so much Aaron, Great stuff! Much appreciated

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No worries. I’m at work but hopefully if you’re on tonight, I’ll stop by.

Make sure to change ur thread to [closed] if not active 😉

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