Geoff_S’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PHNL

Hello IFC! This will be the tracking thread for my ATC Ops. Feel free to stop by when I am open. All feedback is welcome and appreciated :D Display Name: CaptFitzy. Server: Training Server Airport: Honolulu international Airport (PHNL)Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Hey! I was C-N217

Everything was good to me! Runway change was almost perfect. Only thing is, when you change someone’s runway, make sure you give them left or right traffic. You did that on my second go so I went ahead and assumed right traffic.

Hopefully I can make it out again another time and hopefully have more people there for you to try out some sequencing. Take care and thanks for the service!

Awesome. Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

Still open?

yes, I am still open

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I will drop by. G-LSV :)

cool, thank you

Anything you’re practising in particular or just a bit of everything in IFATC test?

NOthing in particular. A bit of everything for the test for sure.

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Still Open?

Yes, still open

Great, I’m coming by.

awesome. thanks

Ill stop by!

so uhh, my aircraft spun out and got my while stuck on the T&G

Not bad!

  • Good timing on clearances

  • Runway change handled well

  • Sensible transition altitude, although I’d round up to 3000ft personally

  • When another aircraft joined the pattern, it got a bit confusing. I was told I was Number 2 at the same time as another aircraft. So just be careful there. It’s the pilots job to follow your instructions so when you make a decision, stick by it and expect pilots to follow your instructions. If required, you can always resequence.

  • You forgot to give me “after the option make X traffic” after my transition.

All in all, not bad! Good luck! :)

Can I PM you my feedback?

Thank you this is great feed back. Honestly havent dealt with transitions alot so wasn’t sure how to handle. Was thinking you get a transition when passing trough so When yoiu came back in I got a little flustered with what to do. I will keep working on it for sure. Thank you so much.

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Yeah of course. Thank you

I saw that . Please come back whenever I am on. Appreciate the practice and feedback