Genuine question

Here is a genuine question,

Don’t you get mad when you prepare a flight that takes you forever to get together all for your parents to take you somewhere before you start descent and you won’t make it back in time and you just wasted 10 hours of your life?

i know this seems kind of random.


Personally just think ahead, for example if you know you have something happening plan for that. I usually land really early in the morning before I leave the house or land late at night knowing I won’t be anywhere at that time.

Tell or parents if your going anywhere and plan for that. Like if you go to a restaurant plan for 2-3 hrs extra.


I only dedicate my flying to when I have time to do it. If I dont have time or think somthing might get in the way I do not do it because im not going to stress over it.

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I’d say the absolute worst case scenario is when you’re on final at a controlled airport after a 12-15 hour flight and then the doorbell rings.


Oh my. YESSSSS… The painnnnn

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A lot of people - or at least I do anyway 😂 - have very unpredictable parents who will just randomly say “let’s go shopping!” or “let’s go for a dog walk!”.

I second this though! I’ve started adding 2-3 hours on to however long I think I’ll be out for so I don’t miss my TOD.


Do you stare at your device screen… for the whole flight?

Also, the worst of all is when you are looking forward to an event, you are ready, you spawn then suddenly you have to go out.

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Personally just land in the evening like 9-11pm, I’m pretty sure you won’t be going for walks then.

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You never know… hehe.

Yeah, well, fair point tho actually.

The way I see it, IF shouldn’t dictate your life and how you go about your day. It’s just a game after all.
Fly when you can, and when you are sure you will be able to land on the other end. If something pops up and you have to end the flight, it’s not the end of the world - you can always do it another day.

also this is kinda worrying lol. I’m hoping you’re not actually with your device for the full 10hr


It’s happened to me a couple times. Luckily now, I bring a portable charger so I can monitor my flight while doing other stuff when it’s near TOD.


I have had this happen to me. It’s a bit annoying, but I try to plan ahead. I communicate with my parents asking what we’re doing today. I then decide when I will fly/control. It’s great to plan with your parents.
They may even ask you questions about Infinite Flight! It’s always good fun to teach others about Aviation.


Can’t relate. Haven’t lived with a parent in 20 years. My wife or kids on the other hand is a totally different story. Always need something right as I’m hitting short final. Never fails.


Yes, so true😂

I was close to having to stop a 4 hour flight due my parents telling me to do homework, but I just say “opzouten!!!” 😆

Question: do you actually sit at your device for the full flight?

I’d usually plan my flights so I’d land when a) I know I’ll not be going places, or b) at night so I’ll be at home. However, if I do get dragged out randomly - “Hugh go down to Tesco and get me bread and milk there good man thanks” it is really annoying lmao

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Yess, I try to do the same thing if a flight is more than an hour I usually try to integrate it with homework, chores or other things.

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Flashback to me landing while at a coffee shop during @IF-Mallorca ’s event in Moscow


At all the imperfections of my lil’ somewhat insignificant life? Yes. At some mobile flight simulator? No.

In the span of five minutes I can find a flight on fr24, then put in the A/C, fuel/pax/cargo, origin/destination in SimBrief, copy the FPL/write down the climb profile, then get on my way in the sim. Not exactly forever but I don’t expect everyone to do things the same way as me.

Imagine being less than 13. (also, Josh was right, he is surrounded by a bunch of, by definition, children)

Unless you’re paranoid enough of violations to spend 10 hours staring at your campfire of a phone you’re not wasting any time of your life, rather adding to your pool of XP and torturing your phone’s battery.

It does seem kinda random.


That happened a lot of times to me 🙃