Geneva to New York’s JFK

Hi! It is time for me to head to New York from Geneva or LSGG which is on the border of Switzerland by time I took off in a heart start heading north within two minutes I have cross the border into France I flew on a A330-300 registered (HB-JHI) for this flight like most Swiss things tickets are not cheap and they usually fly in first class or business for today’s flight I flew in economy I was in seat A30 which gave me a good view of the wing flight time was 7H 40m
Server: training
route LSGG - KJFK
Total flight time: 7H 40m on the dot for me Lol

After a 30 minute delay on the ground we push back from our gate and started engines during which due to a passenger, who failed to show up and had to look for their bags In the meantime, I got a nice cup of ginger Rall to ease my stomach a bit

Before I knew it, we were already on the runway in taking off today we would be cruising at FL390

as soon as we took off the flight attendant took no time at all to start the mail service I got a email week before flight for me to pick my meal I went with the marinated salmon dish it pretty good

How about we check out the IFE the in-flight entertainment system was phenomenal it showed top of the Aircraft and the bottom it also included a map of where we were going after checking it out I went ahead and went to sleep, this is where I wish I was in business class The economy seats were not that comfortable but it would work since this is not a long flight

I woke up to the captain speaking as we approach New York, we were starting our descend into John F Kennedy

And of course I had to look at the IFE two watch our butter landing

We have safely arrived into New York, JFK I highly recommend this flight for a good cross Atlantic trip it is fairly sure only around 8 hours I hope y’all enjoyed this. And have a great day

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This flight was inspired by the YouTuber that I am sure y’all guys all know Job brooks

For the menu, I went to

I hope you guys all enjoy this flight review tell me what flights y’all want to see next and tell then she’ll on Infinite Flight


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