Geneva —> Frankfurt in the Citation X

Did a nice short flight today between Geneva and Frankfurt on the Cessna Citation X. Had a great start with the Alps in the background, and a sunset approach with some traffic and ATC coverage at Frankfurt. Also did some basic Apple Photos editing on my photos for the first time.

Flight Info:
  • Expert Server
  • Variable Time (late afternoon departure and evening arrival)

Gear up

The Alps Part 1

They are similar, but I couldn’t choose between low altitude and high altitude

The Alps Part 2

Traffic Upon Arrival

Just Passing By

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I urmmm, cant seem to vote?

Love the photos though!


Not sure haha, this is the first time I tried inserting a poll. Seems like there are some votes — is it working now?

Some great photos there, but the poll still doesn’t seem to work.

Sorry for the poll being weird. The fact that it’s being difficult is making me want to figure it out. Just like or comment if it still doesn’t work 🙄

  • Photo 1: “Gear Up”
  • Photo 2: “The Alps Part 1”
  • Photo 3: “The Alps Part 2”
  • Photo 4: “Traffic Upon Arrival”
  • Photo 5: “Just Passing By”

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Here, I made a poll for you. 😉


Thanks @Cooper !

Looked at my post on my phone and now I see what you’re all talking about. Very weird — on my iPad (where I created the post) it appeared there was an option to select your choice, but on my phone there’s nothing. Anyway, I removed the poll from my post.

Disregarding the poll snafu, I hope you’re still enjoying the photos!

Wow pretty impressive 😎

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That’s a pretty cool livery that I didn’t even know existed!

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Great shots of a fantastic route! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! Glad you liked them @ThomasThePro @snoman @JulianB

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