Geneva airshow @ LSGG -151800ZNOV17

Server: Casual

Region: The World

Airport: Lsgg

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: only for serious pilots (no trolling)
Note that this is my first event so please tell me if anything is wrong

Credits: @United-Express
If you want some ideas for manoeuvres click here and go to patrouille:

Program of the event:

1: The event will start with a formation of old classic planes. (Spitfire and p38). Pilots will do touch and goes and low approaches over the airport.

2: This part is dedicated to the c130 they will be escorted by f16

3: Pilots can show they’re skills by doing aerobatics with any fighter jet.

4: To finish the event there will be a nice low approach (in line one behind the other) of first the jets then any airliner and then c130 and slower planes

The event is separated in 4 parts of about 15 minutes each.
For the first and second part please leave a comment to say which aircraft you are using so that I can add you to the list.(trying to keep things organised.)
I’ll be there trying to take screenshots that I’ll send at the end of the show.
I’m also going to take advantage of this event to promote my feature request as it is an airshow plane Sbach Xtremeair 300 aerobatic plane. HAPPY LANDINGS TO ALL

Might be postponed to Wednesday 22 if there aren’t enough pilots

I’ll do a flypast there, in a swiss 777-300er which I’ll operate out of Zurich.

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Cool so @morgan99 you can come at about 1845Z. You can also be part of one of the formations if you want

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I may or may not have a special formation planned for my flypast😉 fingers crossed that the planning will come together right for it. But yeah, I’ll do your formation flypast too.

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Cool!!! Hope other people will join in.

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I think I can attend if its pushed back 2 hours… (More people will attend if its pushed back)

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I’m sorry to hear that if I push it back I won’t be able to come either. I could push it back one hour tough after that I don’t have anymore internet

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Hi if this is still happening id like to join in?

Yes of course what part do you want to join???
You can do it all too if you want

NOTAM: please say if you want to be part of a formation. I’m going to prepare one accordingly to how many people are coming and I’ll let you choose wich position you want in the formation. I’ll do this Wednesday at the latest 10 minutes before the event.
Happy landings!!

I’ll be a flying display and I’ll definitely be in the formation

Cool can’t wait for the event

NOTAM: please answer in this poll you can answer multiple options.

  • I’m coming to the event
  • I’m doing the first part
  • I’m doing the second part
  • I’m not coming

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Just wanted to ask, as im flying the Spit, can i not do a full display in part 3 or am i purely doing a fly past?

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You can come in part one do touch and goes low approaches… and you can come in part 4 at the end of the line passing over the airport.
Part three is for fighters doing aerobatics.
(If there’s no one for part three feel free to do stuff with the spitfire)

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Sounds like a plan, keep me posted

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Just hopping enough good pilots come…

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Same here, would be so good to get some regular airshows up and running and to see all these “experts” that claim to be the best of the best. Which im not by the way but I reckon I can put something together without hitting the ground

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Depending on how this one goes I might try and do some every week same time if I have ideas of events that I could organise. Feedback of this one would be helpful if I want to do more