Generic Q and A

I have noticed a lot of threads lately with people asking questions. I thought it would be a lot easier to have one thread with all the questions on it. So if you have a question feel free add it here. I will add all of the questions with their respective answers to this post so we have a list of all common questions.

Isn’t that the whole purpose of creating some topics - asking questions? Some of those topics can lead to quite interesting and productive discussions. Having one topic for random questions would kill that experience and the productive discussions it can lead to, as it would be too cluttered.

The solution to this when it comes to the really basic questions is searching. Many questions are already answered in various topics.


That’s a good point. If there were no separate topics, how would one search for their answer?

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Centralization is good, Channeling everything into one thread isn’t.

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It can be helpful in some cases, like best IF photos for example.

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Even then though, I kind of don’t support that much centralization. The thing with best IF photos is that people spam the thread with generic sunset shots, and it can get crowded. Then when one good photo comes along, it is appreciated for a moment, then overtaken by an often (let’s be honest) worse shot.


Here, all of the questions and answers will be added to the original post to avoid cluttering.

Still though, it seems that this topic won’t really take off. A topic is a question, and a question about questions doesn’t work.