Generic liveries

Do you guys ever use generic liveries with a planes callsign that isn’t in IF. Such as an a330 for aerolinas Argentina?

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Yeah sometimes I use the generic A330 for doing Aer lingus flights to the east and the west coast.


All the time since most of the places I fly to are probably in the generic livery, so if we have the callsign for an airline then I use it. If we don’t have that callsign, I tend to use the registration of the aircraft as my callsign (for example TC-NCT)


Yes, I normally fly them for VAs as they are require realistic aircraft. I do prefer flying the airline’s livery if possible, though.

I do use the generic livery when I do E175 flights for Alaska Airlines Virtual!

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I use the generic A330 for Brussels Airlines and generic A321 for Lufthansa

yes for VA flights i use them

I use the generic Q400 for Air New Zealand Q300/ATR72 flights

I always will fly realistic routes on aircraft, sometimes that does come down to a generic aircraft. It doesn’t matter too much for me since all the fun after all is in the cockpit!

i never fly generic except GA

My call sign is UA5667, and I use generic livery for many aircraft, like A321, A318, b747-200, and b787-800

I also use the generic livery on many turboprop aircraft for my UA5667 callsign

I only fly Generic livery for doing some livery edits.

yeah i stopped doing that for legal reasons


I usually substitute aircraft first, and usually I go same size or smaller so gates work, as long as the flight is doable in IF. For example, I substituted Iberia A321 in place of an A332 once on a trans-atlantic flight.
If no reasonable substitute is available (eg. China Eastern A320) then I use generic.

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I do that a lot

cries in african liveries


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