Generic Liveries - Winglet/Sharklet and No Winglet/Sharklet versions.

I am pondering, I see this wonderful aircraft a generic sharklet/winglet livery, and ask if we could have both versions of Generic Winglet/Sharklet and No Winglet/Sharklet (For Airbus, its the wingtip fence)


I could swear I saw this already requested somewhere and a that it was said that it would take up too much storage.

Well if you find it, post it, and get a mod to close the topic.

What I mean, if the Developers can add more liveries to the aircraft, they can add another generic livery with/without winglets/sharklets

Oh, I see now, you want specifically generic liveries to have the option.

He’s talking about selecting a winglet/sharklet option via a button, My idea is to keep all the other aircraft liveries the same, but have a seperate generic livery that has winglets/without winglets according to the original livery. The A320 currently has a sharklet generic livery, so I say add a seperate generic livery that just has wingtip fences.

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Oh that makes it much more clear. 👌

Correct Carson, so in the Aircraft Menu, like the A318, A319, A320, A321, 757, 767 etc. have another generic livery that is the opposite of the original.

The 767 has a generic winglet version -> Add the 767 generic version without winglets.
The 757 has a generic winglet version -> Add the 757 generic version without winglets

Same goes for the A320 family :)

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