Generic is cool too

Hey IFC. First of all, Happy 2020🎇. I hope y’all are having a wonderful time.
Back on topic. I flew for AVVA today (@Altaria55) with the beautiful a319. Its truly a wonderful aircraft, and this time I learned to know a new livery I barely used. I think it’s a cool livery, because you can use it everywhere.
In this topic I’m going to try to prove you that the generic livery is actually pretty nice.


  • aircraft/ livery: a319-100, generic livery
  • server: training
  • flight time: 1 hours, 6 minutes
  • route: Cartagena (SKCG) - Bogotá (SKBO)

Onto the pictures:

Taking off from glorious Cartagena

Flying past the Colombian coast

A moonshot of the generic livery and a red/white moon

Flying back into the mainland

A typical view of the Colombian mountains

Turning final for SKBO

On final for El Dorado international

I hoped you enjoyed these screenshots and maybe use the generic livery yourself. It’s simple, but nice.
Thanks for viewing and see ya next time✌️😄


Cool shots love the second to last. And generic can also be cool


Love the Generic. Has allowed me to semi-realistically fly so many routes, with various aircraft and airlines, who does not have their livery for those airframes in IF today.

Your pictures are incredible and depicts the beauty of the Generic Livery 🙌


Thanks mate☺️

Yes, but I see people rather have another livery while this one can be nice too

Thanks mate, I hope that people will think that this livery is cool by looking at these screenshots


Probably the first ever #screenshots-and-videos topic I have seen with generic livery

Great pictures 👍


What a wonderful compliment, thanks mate☺️

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Awesome pics, last one was my favorite! 👍🏽

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Wonderful pics :)


Very nice pics bro! 👍🏻

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Nice to see u 😃


Someone should start a Generic VA (GCVA). It would have the biggest fleet of any IF VA.


Thanks Armani, @Altaria55 and @XmJosueYT😊

@KGJT-9149 yeah, no one is actually doing that because they think that people will find the white livery lame. Because the livery is white🤷‍♂️

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You never know what complex, weird and down right stupid plans go through my head. If anything I’d probably be the syco that starts GCVA.

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The first one is…

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Thanks☺️, the scenery around Cartagena is indeed truly beautiful

@KGJT-9149 maybe… but we’ll see what the future holds. Maybe someone got the idea just now


Awesome shots - love the moon in the background!

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Thanks mate😁, moonshots are pure beauty in my oppinion