Generic is cool too Volume 2

hello IFC, I think some of you remember my first topic of “generic is cool too”. So now I come with a volume 2.
I don’t fly the generic livery a lot, but when I do i realize it’s a nice livery.
Well… tonight I flew with @Tsumia from SVMI (Caracas) to Madrid, @Tsumia slept through the approach so I don’t have any pictures of his generic.
SVMI has a very nice departure with a gorgeous mountain range on your right side. And Madrid has a pretty nice approach with beautiful Spanish scenery.

flight details

route: Caracas (SVMI)-Madrid (LEMD)
plane: generic a330
callsign: IBVA863
flight time: 8 hours 26 minutes


Taking off in the sunset

turning towards Madrid, let’s skip 8 hours of pure darkness and head over to the next morning

flying over the coastline of Portugal

beautiful Portuguese scenery (@Helmethead)

parallel landing at LEMD

very short final

Thanks for viewing, and I see you next time😄✌️


Nice photos! I can only imagine how good they would be with a livery on the plane 😜


Abscence is bliss. Lol. It’s Eurowhite on top of eurowhite.

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I’m the same when ever I fly long haul for Aer Lingus VA I use A330 generic

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We have no Iberia livery otherwise I’d have used that…

@EyesSkyward yeah, more like White euro

@Declan_Mcgee its a nice plane, isnt it?


Ye but I’d rather there be an EI livery

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Iberia would be a really cool livery to have on the A330

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yup that sure is! Great photos! Generic is very cool too :D

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That’s why I created this topic, to let people know that generic is cool too :D

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Basically I like to use generic that i can put my private callsign in and pretend a airline livery didnt exist in IF


Yup. I do that a lot and my callsign would usually be Corporate 😂

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