Generic_Flyer's virtual IF Missions Thread (STARTED EARLY)

Hello People! (I don’t know what category to put this in One again!)

This is the thread for my Mission to go around North America with a single Private A318.

This is a goal I hope to complete before or on Christmas 2022, all in the Training Server! So you can join me on this journey any time you want!

Legs of the Journey will be listed as (COMPLETE) after I finish them. Screenshots will be posted down below. All Legs will be flown On either Saturdays or Sundays but in some occasions 2 legs will be completed, 1 for each day.


Routes planed

Route 1 | KLAX - KSFO (Complete)
Route 2 | KSFO - KSEA
Route 3 | KSEA - PAJN
Route 4 | PAJN - PANC
Route 5 | PANC - CYYJ
Route 6 | CYYJ - CLYW
Route 7 | CLYR - CYYC
Route 8 | CYYC - CYYZ
Route 9 | CYVR - KTEB
Route 10 | KTEB - KPHL
Route 11 | KPHL - KATL
Route 12 | KATL - KMIA
Route 13 | KMIA - KMDW
Route 14 | KMDW - KDEN
Route 15 | KDEN - KPHX
Route 16 | KPHX - KSAN
Route 17 | KSAN - KSBA
Route 18 | KSBA - KLAX.

More routes will be added on the Journey board soon.

Thanks for Joining me on my first IF Mission!



thank you for this

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No matter if it is your home airport or favorite airport, your welcome. I like seeing people on the community happy!

I’d love to join!! Let’s start the journey

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You may join at the KLAX FBO Private Aircraft parking area at 1:00 PM PST on September 17!

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You probably haven’t noticed, but the start date will be postponed to September 18th, at the same time of day.

Hello everyone! The flight from KLAX-KSFO Will start today!

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Hey Luvs!

I would want to announce the fact that the schedules for each flight will no longer be fixed. Flights will occurs at random, but will usually start at around 4-5 PM PST. Thanks!

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