Generic day air TNCM

I was controlling at TNCM when all of a sudden a generic 737 700 bbj turned up, then another, then another… All in all there were 6 generic 737 700 bbjs. Was there an event on that I didn’t know about? 😀

There was a Cessna 172 as well

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Cessna 172 use TNCM so what’s special about that

No it’s the fact that there was 6 generic 737 bbjs, it is unusual in a small airport to get 6 planes with the same livery,

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Oh do you mean that you were just stating that that was there too…

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Is a bit odd

I was just checking to see if the pilot of the C172 was here to back me up😄

Lol, dis thés do pattern Word or actualité Google somewhere