Generic A330 appreciation

In IF, I fly the A330 A LOT! I’d love to pretend that it’s because it’s majestic or an unrecognised work of art, but it’s simply because it’s a substitute for the A330 MRTT.

So here’s some of the best screenshots i’ve captured recently. (And some funky extras).


Funky Extras


YES! Another A330 lover! You are just like me, I fly this wide body every time I see it on a route as well I can butter the bread with this bird


Wow! Stunning photos! Keep it up!

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Same! It’s an Underrated aircraft.


Waiting for the day we get the MRTT. There’s around 4 NATO MRTT’s based at my home airport of Eindhoven, they’re gorgeous

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I love the A330 but the physics make me impatient :(

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Beautiful photographs, congratulations!

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those engine cowlings make it look so good
especially in a cathay livery

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