General Request - 757 requests

Hi all.
I’ve noticed the flood of 757 livery requests, and it’s extremely overwhelming.

I’d like to ask the community to tone down on the creation of 757-200 liveries. A lot of people are requesting liveries simply because a request for the livery doesn’t exist yet and the livery itself exists. If you like the livery, and feel it should be featured, go for it! If you’re simply requesting the livery just because the livery exists, think before you post.


Well said. I have seen like 20+ new 757 livery requests simply because the liveries exist, as they don’t look like the people truly want them.


Shouldn’t this be in #general? I thought #meta was a category to discuss about the forum workings and issues, not anything related to IF.

It was moved from general to meta by a regular


well then idk

I thought the same think. The amount of livery requests are vast and its very hard to keep an overview (not only for the 757 but for all airplanes)

I wish there was a better system for livery request. For example one big database (within one post), where you can find all requests in one post instead of 100s of different single forum posts. I was thinking of maybe trying to create something like that, but didnt want to go through so much effort so that the mods can than close my post.

I cant really blame the people how request a livery through a feature request, because they didn’t design this system


What’s wrong with people requesting liveries they like? If they are following the rules of the category, I don’t see an issue. Let people ppst what they want to. This just feels like a petty topic, if you don’t want to see the requests you can always mute the category temporarily.

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That’s not the point… Many people are creating 757-200 livery requests because the livery exists and doesn’t have a feature request.

Edit: Also, please read the actual thread itself before going on a rant. It clearly says in the Original Post that creating a feature request because you like it is all right…

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Actually most people are creating new livery requests for the 757 because they want the livery of their national airline to be added. Also, @Aceorbit is right that everyone has the right to request liveries when ever they want as long as it isn’t a duplicate.

  1. Go to #features
  2. Click the little bell icon
  3. Mute the category