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I have a few questions and am bored out of my mind , let me know if you are free to answer

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The amount of questions is overwhelming!


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Sorry guys I completely forgot to open this back up yesterday . I want to learn about what is the appropriate vertical speeds for most planes on initial climb and most importantly the rules for approaches? How far out should I start descending, give me general points, like at this far out you should be this high and this fast. My problem is my descending to fast and for a few miles before landing I’m so close to the ground. dont know how to read glide slop

For Vertical Speeds, I probably climb faster than I should, but for most airliners, they climb at a 10% pitch, this is usually between 2000-3000 FPM, on descent I find my ETA, and when it is half of my cruise altitude, I descend at -2000 FPM. For example, if I’m at 36,000 feet, I start to descend and -2000 when my ETA is 18:00

They don’t climb at this VS all the way until their cruise altitude.

When I takeoff, I normally put the V/S to about 2800. After I pass 250knots, I reduce the VS to 2500. After I pass 275knots I reduce VS to 1800.

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Wait, question. Do keep the vertical speed at 2800 fpm until 10,000 feet? Or do you change to 2500 fpm when you hit 250 knots.

The community surrounding this app is what makes it truly special.

Yes, I keep the VS at 2800 until FL100.

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Ok, do you just use this for every flight you do? Or does it differ for every flight.

Well, depends from aircraft to aircraft. Generally I do this for Widebody and narrowbody. GA is another story.

Thanks! I’m gonna use this now.

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Depending on my flight - I generally go no higher than +3000fpm on SH/MH flights and no higher than +2500fpm on LH/ULH flights