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Could someone please help me understand how to format my group flight post on the Forum?
Isaac C./UA403

Looks like you have the body of the post all set, just need to get the title formatted correctly.

From About The GroupFlights Category

Since yours departs from KTVC tomorrow the 20th at 1600z, your title would be:

20JUN22 / 1600Z - Traversing The Windy Skies @ KTVC

Feel free to change the title of course :)

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Thanks for the correction!

Sure thing :)

Posts in #live:groupflights are supposed to be posted only within 3 hours of departure. This is your first post so no worries, just keep that in mind going forward please.

Anything else I can help with?

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I do on an unrelated topic… Can I only because a controller on the Expert server by going through the whole application process?

Yep! This is the way to go:

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How do all the exams work?

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Everything is explained in the topic mentioned above.

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