General question

Would there a possibility that weather features will be introduced into the game such as rain, snow, thunderstorms, thunder.

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At this exact point in time? No, hopefully later in the future, both Jason and Dan hope for weather like precipitation, but we aren’t far enough to be there yet

Hi @Kevin_Singh2 , there are many weather based requests in out #features category.

Here’s an example. It is expected that we will get more weather based features in the future, but at the current point in time there is no intention to add them.


As Kirito stated above, there are some feature requests for weather implementation. Since you are at least Trust-Level 1, you are able to vote for some of these features. The more votes a request receives, the better chance of staff seeing that the community wants that feature.

As for right now, they are making great strides with adding more realistic elements into the simulator. For example, the first layer of clouds have been added in 21.1. I’m sure we will see this expand.