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Hi all infinite flighters!

I wanted to ask how the atc works in regards to priority for departures, for example, if there are say 10 planes waiting in line to depart and an 11th plane sneaks in front using another taxi way, do the ATC take that into account? Or has that player just jumped in front of 10 others without any repercussion? Happened to me a few times now on expert mode because obviously some people are just nasty, shameless and impatient.

Unfortunately the atc didnt act and the person got to jump in front, i actually quit the session after that even having waited for like 20 minutes.

I just wondered if its due to an ATC error like them maybe not noticing, turning a blind eye to it, or whether the ATC notice this and actively try and prevent it? I guess i want to know the processes more around unruly players. I mean, training mode is a disaster, which is why majority of people that enjoy and respect this topic, tend to be using expert mode, so should effectively be more red lines around what you can and cant get away with.


Unfortunately, the “expert server” isnt very expert like and most of the time, the dude who uses full throttle to taxi and cut in line will get on takeoff roll first. How? No clue man…no clue.


Oh gosh the full throttle taxis are the best! Although i have myself used full throttle with the breaks on just to let someone know they’re an a** as they pass by. Its the only way to be slightly passive aggressive on IF!

“Controllers should not view departures from other taxiways as “queue jumping”, but instead use it to their advantage to provide an expeditious service”

From the ATC Manual User Guide…


Thanks for sharing that. I mean, bit of a double edged sword isnt it? Lol.

We look at efficiency rather than priority.


Yes it is - but as @Magician said - IFATC strive for efficiency over priority.


I mean I definitely agree that efficiency is key. I assumed that as I’ve always noticed smaller aircraft often get to depart before larger if theres an additional incoming aircraft on the same runway for example, so I sensed there was some sort of attention to detail. My question though, is that also a principle in real ATC? I think ground would tell them which taxi way to take and guide them through the entire process rather than just telling them which runway to taxi to via whichever taxi route they choose to take, especially in larger/busier airports. Im not trying to be pedantic im really interested in the processes.

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This is correct - ATC irl give them specific taxiway instructions.

It was mentioned in the recent developer stream that specific taxiway instructions are in the works but initially will just be for KLAX - in order to see how well the system works before rolling it out globally.

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Wow great, thanks for confirming. This post was in no way to critisize the IF ATC team (just want to add), I’ve practised a few times on the training server and its tough work. So, kudos to the IF ATC team. I love this app and know its still a work in progress so I’m excited this is a potential feature for the future!

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As long as ‘No Intersection departures’ is not active in the ATIS, you are quite welcome to take off any part of the runway as long as it is within the aircraft capabilities for your weight. It’s a very underutilised feature - think about 22R at KEWR for example: why does everyone insist on crossing runway 29 to use the displaced threshold? Totally unnecessary and a waste of everyones time!

Try an intersection departure next time! :D


Yes I was thinking that when I was there yesterday. I think its again, because they are trying to cut in, but I could be wrong. However, I will definitely remember to look for that specifically in the ATIS information next time! Thanks for the info :-)

I always follow the IRL taxi route of the route I’m flying (where possible) so I end up doing intersection departures fairly regularly.

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Intersection departures are not satisfying tho. Idk about yall but I like it when I’m at the beginning of the runway and begin my roll from there. Creates this satisfaction. Maybe im just crazy lol

Wow that’s some amazing news suppper excited for that!

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When I am controlling and something like you said occurs while I am controlling, I usually have that aircraft wait a few minutes to let other aircraft that have been waiting takeoff because of the same reason you said above about being able to technically “cut in front of” everyone else.

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These topics are very common too, and they eventually always get closed because the problem is, there is no true way to have someone stop their habits and what they do, so you should just ignore them, even if it is bothering you a lot.

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