General Pinochet as Call Sign?

Just now at EHAM I heard General Pinochet as Call Sign!
What about that?
Take about inappropriate!!!

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How is it innapropiate? Who is General Pinochet?

Google him.
A dictator!!

Oh, ok. I just didn’t know who that was.

if thats the case, can the guy flying around with TRUMP as his callsign also be labeled inappropriate?


Pinochet was a Chilean dictator which was part of the Plan (Operation) Condor in the 1970´s South America. The main guidelines of the Plan Cóndor were: following, detention, torture and murder of “subversive” elements. The plan was supported by the United States because of their anti-communist nature.
The defacto goverments of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia should have supported each other, but it almost ended in a war between Argentina and Chile for the Beagle Channel.

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Oh, well that is a bad call sign!

Not when he’s flying a 757! ;)


it was in the Air Force One

What is Trump’s 757’s call sign anyway.
Not talking about politics, but one of the best private jets made.

it is N757AF

That’s its registration. Not its call sign!

ooo my bad!

Carson said it best:
Nothing else needs to be added.


To be fair, if all political callsigns will be ghosted, shouldn’t that rule be posted somewhere in the app? People might get ghosted and have no idea why, so I’m not sure the ghosting is really effective in enforcing such a rule.


very good point

Good point @AR_AR. I understand there are certain callsign you don’t want used but there should be a statement on the page that you change your callsign in app warning of that. Better yet some sort of content filter needs to be added so you simply can’t use certain things.

So if you try to enter something offensive it gives you a “Sorry that callsign is offensive and cannot be used” message.

A list is impossible, as people will start using signs like “H1TLR” and “N4Z1”. It would be an endless list of possibilities. What about implementing a reason-for-ghosting-button? Well, maybe a good idea, but it would make ATCs spending even more time on kindergarten.

Unless it is very offensive, I don’t think ghosting should be the answer. Maybe with some way to give a reason at least. Even better if something was implemented to just warn and set the name to something like “nimrodXX”.

Honestly I wish everyone was just content enough to ignore some text on their screen and move on. Obviously that will never happen.


Well. If a system was implemented where people could moderate over the players you could just warn the user without causing to much hassle, a message as such - ‘Change Callsign or risk being ghosted’