General pinned topics not appearing

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with General that none of the pinned topics are appearing for me, not the ATC schedule not any event (if there is one i dont know cause I can’t see lol) is this a known issue? And if so, any way to fix this?

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Are you sure you haven’t unpinned them? As far as I’m aware, these are the only 2 topics currently pinned there:

Note, however, that you must acess the category page (click on the little bubble that appears when someone types a category) to see its pinned topics.

Ensure that the pin is not upside down, as this will unpin the topic for you. Click on the pin to check that the pin is facing downwards.

For example, you should not be seeing this:

Oh just did that and it worked for the ATC schedule but not for the other ones, for them it’s the correct way and still not appearibg

Nevermind! When I click the general itself both of them appear, thanks @AvioesEJogos @Ecoops123 !!

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This is likely because, other than the ATC schedule and announcements such as server maintenance or a new update, topics are very rarely pinned globally (which means it’ll be pinned on the main page). To see the topics pinned only to a category, you must access the category page.

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This can be closed now, thanks!

Yea that makes totally, I accidentally probably clicked that icon I didn’t even know it can turn lol