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Afternoon all,

I appreciateand respect most of you are pros, however i have 56 landings, 9 hours of flight and only 9000 xp - i expect the best way to get xp up is take off - fly - land in difficult weather… Where in the world is best place to get the worst weather…

Also why is it no matter what aircraft i fly i can only set IAS to 349 kts at anything above 10000ft… and get a violation if <10000ft…

Thanks muchly for any advice

Look at a site like to see where the winds are strongest to do patterns.

The limit is based on aircraft specs at that altitude when above 10k. When below 10k the limit is in place to prevent people from approaching an airport at 400+ kts at 5k.


Thanks for the link,…

Makes sense with the speed thing… lol
I like to fly low altitude at times and its terrible under 10000…

But why cant i open up any aircraft above 350 >10000

Because your plane is not meant to go that fast at that altitude. If you climb to FL380 you will find the limit gets lower.

Air is thinner the higher you go, sciencey stuff.

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Because above that is overspeeding. If you are cruising at 28000 feet or above, you’ll want to cruise at around mach .77-80 on a narrow body and .81-86 on a heavy. To get there, you should set your airspeed once you reach 10000 feet to 286-298 on a narrow body and 300-320 on a heavy.

Makes sense… the weather is live too?

Yes. Once the metar of an airport updates, it is duplicated to the infinite flight airports.

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