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Island Virtual Aviation, is a Hawaiian Airlines based VA, that is currently in Early Stages of Application to become a VA. We specialize in short haul Island Hop Flights but we do have long haul flights in the A330 B767 and B787 I’m just interested to join.

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I know there has been a letter sent to the person who first started “Hawaiian VA” by the real hawaiian airlines asking to shut the operations down and someone started island virtual but shut down due to what ever reason (not sure if it was cause of real Hawaiian airlines or what)

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I didn’t know that Island Virtual was a previous airline, In which case we have taken to extreme levels to make sure it does not happen to us. For example all we use in Infinite Flight that might link us to Hawaiian Airlines is their planes on Infinite Flight and they can’t do anything about that, same as routes its generic and they cannot trademark or copyright, etc a route. We don’t have any of their logos as we have our proper logo.

Ok I was just thinking I tell you so you can avoid that letter

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Yeah and appreciate your concern, but for now I don’t think we have much to worry.


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