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Hi all , jist need a bit help here.

Im still learning the ropes on this game , but still finding landing hard. So this is what im doing.

Flying with a flight plan.

I can manage to intercept the LOC glide slope.

But when i disengage the autopilot the airplane nose dives down and back up… ?

Ive tried to balance the trim but that goes up and down and if i pitch down - the plane smashes into the run way.

So not sure where im going wrong. ?

Ive seen many videos on YouTube on landing and most people land manual but they never alter the trim ?

I have the speed correct about 140 /145 flare about 136 flaps 3 or 4

Just cant seem to get a smooth landing.

Any tips would be great.

You should calibrate your device before disengaging the AP. This should help you to have a more stabilized and smoother approach. Tell me how it goes!!

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Before you disengage autopilot it is always recommended to calibrate your aircraft by going to the pause menu and selecting “calibrate”, this ensures that your aircraft is balanced in the position you are currently holding your device.

I would strongly recommend that you take a read through this topic that I’ve linked below as it has the different landing (and takeoff) profiles for most if not all aircraft that you can fly in Infinite Flight:

I would also strongly recommend taking a look through some more specific tutorials found on Infinite Flight’s YouTube Channel which can be found here.

Hope this helps you out mate!


Thanks for the info.

Yeah i always calibrate a few times before landing but my trim doesnt seem to balance out. I have set the trim to 20% + and soon as i disengage auto the plane either nose dives or pitches up. Im sure i wi get there…lol

I will look over the tutorials u kindly supplied.


I always do this but still doesnt work. As the pink trim indicator stay either + or - it hardly ever zeros out.

I think i need to master the trim settings .

Nice controlling at CYYZ the other day Declan!

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Thanks mate, appreciate that!

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