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I now takeoff in an embraer with a tailwind with my hand on rudder. Yet the plane dragged off the runway similar to what happens when i fly a crosswind takeoff in a 737. Can someone tell me why this happens and how i can prevent it?

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You just need to move the rudder in the correct direction at the right time. Be quick and alert.


it was 11 knot tailwind not cross

Yes, but still use the rudder. It COULD help…

I’m really not sure anymore…

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right as i said my hand was on rudder but it still dragged off which confused me

I’m not sure sorry

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ok np thanks

IIt was tailwind. But first you shouldnt be taking off in tail wind. Second it can still blow at a mall angle and will cause the smallest amount of crosswind causing you to runoff the runway

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Oh ok this makes sense thanks

If you go over you rotate speed it will cause the plan to veer off the RW. Same when you land you will be to fast.

Just calculate your rotation speed and you will be better off.

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and I wouldn’t recommend taking off in a tailwind

Embraer s physics are beyond terrible in IF

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