General Electric Engines VS Rolls Royce Engines

Which one do you like more ?

  • GE
  • RR

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GE, because I have a feeling rolls royce can explode at any time

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RR have more experience in the industry and more aircraft flying with their engines


RR engines before the GEnx had superior noise abatement and still do for the most part but there’s a reason most airlines go for GE or PW engines over RR. RR seem to have a lower reliability compared to GE or PW. Before you go off and say but the 737 engine reliability stats or the A320 PW models reliability you have to remember there are far more aircraft out there without RR engines than there are with them. When you look at the reliability precentage the RR has far more problems and are not always the most optimized for an aircraft. If it wasn’t for BA RR would consistently run the risk of losing its aircraft engine division.

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Longer experience but you are wrong with the majority of engines. Most airlines operate GE engines.

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Also RR engines are more commonly found on old A320/330/340 aircraft and as those are retired you will see a large drop in RR market share. The 737Max and 320neo will all be operating CFM Leap engines while GE will hold a major stake in the 777X and 787 programs. RR will only remain relevant in the foreseeable future with the A350 program and whatever remaining orders for the A380.

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GE is built 20 minutes from me. Nothing against RR.

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RR, lots more experience, and just prefer them. :)

GE for 777 but rolls-royce for 747

You can’t beat the sound and size of a GE90.


General Electric because are my name initials :)

RR is built 20 minutes away from me lol.

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