General Downloading Aircraft and Visibility

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Please can there be a way to download every aircraft at once without having to spawn in because its taking literall ages for me to keep spawning in with one aircraft and having to download each livery one by one and ending session each time is taking forever because i want to see all the other planes but now I can’t see other planes because they aren’t download. There are hundreds of aircraft types plus their liveries to download each which will take ages and forever. Like the older versions you were able to download the aircraft without having to spawn in and it was much faster than now. And if there could be a way to see every other plane without having to download on own device would be nice. I understand that it takes a lot of storage having sll planes downloaded but that’s okay with me.

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Are you on a cellular network, is so go to settings → online → click the “Automatic Airplane Downloads over cellular data” box. This shouldnt be required if your on WiFi tho

Im on WiFi, i wish there was a way automatic on wifi lol

That should be automatic i believe, if someone could correct me on this that would be great

It is.

But one thing that matters is network speed as well as “Airplane count” setting.


My connection is quite good

So all planes and liveries will be automatically downloaded if im connected to wifi? But i still cant see some planes

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