General consensus: which is better A350 or 787?


I was talking with a pilot buddy of mine, and we got into a little bit of a heated argument. I made the claim that the 787 was better (from a pilot’s perspective) than the A350, he said that the majority of pilots, aviation enthusiasts etc. agree that the A350 is better. I’m curious to see who is right, can you guys help me out?

Here’s some further reading I found that may help if you need it!

Airbus A350 vs Boeing 787

Thanks in advance!

(PS: Please don’t hate me if you disagree!)


Airbus vs Boeing arguments are not allowed because, as you said, they get really heated which we like to avoid.

Is there anyway I can create something like a poll to decide that (on Infinite flight community anyway)?

Well, you could but bear in mind it would almost certainly get closed.
There have already been many topics like this that have been closed which had a poll

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In all seriousness though: For posting #real-world-aviation topics you need to be at TL 2. You can find out more about trust levels in the post below.

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Airbus vs. Boeing topics are a little special because with some very few exceptions they’re not allowed around here. The reason for it is that the debates get out of hand really quickly. Group A says that Boeing is better, Group B says that Airbus is better and sometimes somebody starts to argue that Embraer and Bombardier are actually the best. Then a moderator has to step in and everything starts again. In the end everyone is angry, nobody is happy and we still haven’t come to a conclusion once again.