General Aviation

Hi guys how are you guys doing? Since the new update came out a little while ago. I realize the call sign changed for general aviation. I live in America so I went to United States of America. It wants me to start with November which OK I get it but it will not let me put any more letters. is there a way I can add multiple letters and numbers? When I fly around I see people with multiple letters I just don’t get it. Thank you guys.

What callsign are you trying to enter?

N815TB since I like that i’ve done multiple of different ones

Ok, are you including the “N” in the input box? As you should only be typing what you want after the prefix.

Yes I put n815tb. it said invalid callsign I make it always starts with n


When you type your callsign in should look like this. You don’t have to type the N, that’s already included for you.

Edit, oops, looks like I mistyped the callsign you wanted, should still work fine.


Thank you for helping me. It worked now but I had to do a couple more times to make it work.

Glad I could help.

Enjoy your day!