General Aviation!

The recent update to IF was a remarkable job done by the devs and the hard working staff’s.
Job well done!
I’ve joined infinite flight 3 years now and counting what i would like to see on IF is more attention to the GA section… eg. The addition of more GA aircraft’s especially twin engines (pistons/turbines) currently there’s only one twin engine propeller aircraft on IF to chose from.

The rework of the current aircraft’s that already there (dash c208 cirrus citation x). Im more of a GA pilot here which i do mostly medium and short haul flights. I personally think with these few things applied this would not only bring the much needed attention to IF but transform the General Aviation section!


Hey mate! Thanks for your opinion. You can vote for these planes in #features :) hope this helps

Cue the “#features


Just one example

Just search what ur looking for ;)

BTW you can do it

You can vote for many and many features already in the forum as the one @Aviation3 gives above.

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The thing is I’ve used most of my vote on these things i mention in the feature some time ago

You can create your own request if you want. Only obstacle would be remakes of others. Since the Cirrus already has a thread you can’t make one for that aircraft. Seeing as though most of these have a thread you might wanna try to clear out a few votes ;)

Well, let’s cross our fingers, so that in a nearby future, they can get an update with some model of airplane that you are looking for 🤞


The point is most of these have thread some three years ago or even two years! The GA rarly gets anything voted for in the feature theres a big stall


My recommendation is you either check with a mod to see if one you wanna make is old and if you can make a new one or make one and hope the old one gets closed. You got my vote for sure cause GA flying in this game really helps me simulate my PPL training during these times. It’s really nice to go through a realistic checklist

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