General Aviation?

I have been wondering, why aren’t there more general aviation planes? Infinite Flight added tons and tons of class echo airports, put there are only a few planes that can fly to them. General Aviation is very important, and I hope Infinite Flight helps add more of the little aircraft.


@Maxmustang, why aren’t there your GA aircraft?


Start the revolution!! GA demand is high! Infinite GA 2016!


@Captain_DJ @HairlineAirlines@AR_AR …Got no 💗 left. Been asking the same question for years. Just speculation but it appears most of the members can’t fly except on AutoPilot and get skunked every time they strap on a reciprocators. LOl.

(or maybe they just like to suck thru the air rather than screw thru it!)


We will first blow up all the jet engined planes then get some props up here.


I think its because Infinite Flight doesn’t have much in the way of scenery. I know this has nothing to do with actually flying but at least for me I think better terrain would help


My problem with those aircraft is not the AP, but the altitude, I’m used to hearing them and knowing when to start my flare.
I guess I should add to the airfield altitude at least 1000ft to know when to flare.
My other problem is that the front wheel tends to be higher than the main gear ones, so I have to pitch up more than I do with a 737, but also I do it too agressively and end up gaining altitude before losing it and making a hard landing.

It seems that most users care about more commercial aircraft. GA is not what is really wanted by the community. The Developers are going to add stuff by what is most demanded, which GA is unfortunately not near the top of the list.
I too agree that we should get more GA aircraft, for the same reason you pointed out: So many Echos and no planes to fly to them.

GA airplanes can be fun, they don’t have to all be props. Just look at the little Cirrus with the tiny engine on its back, makes it look like a UFO (Cough, Cough @AR_AR)

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Another reason that most people fly jets is because they are the only aircrafts they have ever flown on. I’ve never been on anything other than a commercial jet and I’m sure this is the same for a lot of others here too. I do enjoy flying the GA props just as much as the jets though.


Would a bbj or acj count as GA?

No, don’t think so.


Some more tail draggers would be awesome, Piper Cub or something like that.

Nothing wrong with the Super D but some variety would be good

I love the Super D. It’s so fun to fly in bad weather.

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@Maxmustang sometimes suck is just more exciting than screw 😎

@Chad_Garnett you’ve hit the nail on the head. GA is for sightseeing and in IF there is nothing to see.

Nick; “Nothing to see in IF”. How would u know Nick! You always suck thru the air at 500kts @ 300AGL. What’s to see… Get down and dirty. There are natural wonders out there in the IF Universe if you look. Max

Haha sorry. It’s the green threadbare carpet that becomes repetitive personally. Let’s be honest the only exciting things happen between 5ft-0ft above the ground 😂😂

Although I definitely agree that GA is wildly unsupported in IF.

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Twin otter all the way! GA aircraft would be great to fly in the Caribbean!


Max Sez. @JDE1303@N8TCH… Or in Hawaii or the mountains in SoCal & in the great NW or up a river gorge, or into a short dirt field etc… GA’s are the best thing to ever happen to IF if you want to grow up and be an aviator. Flying a trash hauler is a differant skill set, you need to learn to push buttons and cruise point to point, take a nap then ride the beam down. Flying a GA take hands on skill. Try it you’ll like it.


I love GA aircraft! I also love island hopping in the Caribbean or Hawaii which you need GA aircraft for!

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