General Aviation Suggestions

From what i have seen it seems the majority of you still to well populated airports in commercial aircraft and stray slightly afield for some touch and goes to get up your landings!

It would be great to see to see more people at more airports properally exploring IF to its full potential which is why i am asking the community to help me compile an ever expanding database of small airports with wonderful scenery that seem to be not used very often!

So if you can help out suggest a few airports down below which i will check before adding them below!


•A remote airport hard to access and away from towns and cities
•An airport with no or little commercial operations!
•An airport unable to handle even a 737. Exceptions may apply
•Preferrably an airport with great scenery surrounding it and tricky approaches and descents!

How to Submit an Airport

Airport ICAO:
Airport Name:
Country it is located in:
Short description of surrounding area:
Biggest permitted IF aircraft:
Reason for operation: why it is ther i.e. tourism or access to everest or serving a rural community
Why have you requested it?:
Height above sea level:

Thanks in advance for your input!



KLMO is my local airport, the scenery isn’t great, mostly flat until the foothills, nice and small, I’ve seen some C130’s there.

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Yeah! Thats my plan! I would love to see more GA activity (even though the aircraft speed annoys me) and more people exploring all corners of the IF world not just exploring Lukla in an F-16 on casual!

Also see some events relating to this appearing soon!

I’ll check it out @KindaAngrySliceOfPie

But please use the format above!

Heres my home GA airport :)
Airport Name Farmingdale Republic
Country it is located in: US
Short description of surrounding area: flat but beware of LGA/JFK arrivals
Biggest permitted IF aircraft: Boeing 757
Reason for operation: Nice GA airport that usually is underserved

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My favourite GA airport: KLGB
Long Beach Airport, United States
Class: Bravo
Ground Level: 60ft


Thanks for your suggestion @Luke, i will check it out soon! Please ensure though you use the correct submission criteria which can be found above!

Thanks for your suggestion @William_Chin

I will take a look at the airport in the morning!

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Another airport
Airport ICAO: KITH
Airport Name: Ithica Tompkins Regional
Country it is located in: USA
Short description of surrounding area: some hills but beautiful scenery :)
Biggest permitted IF aircraft: 757 (but CRJ200 Is the biggest plane to regularly visit)
Reason for operation: small regional airport with nice scenery

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I don’t think Long Beach counts. McDonnell Douglas made MD11s and DC10s there.


Granby/Grand County Airport.
Colorado, USA

Terrain Description: Surrounded by easily navigable mountainous terrain, extremely scenic.

Biggest Permitted Aircraft: Cessna Citation X

Why? Located in the town of Granby, this general aviation airport provides easy access to tourist heavy towns such as Grand Lake and Winter Park, Colorado. Located along the continental divide, enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Colorado, from the high plains of Middle Park to the soaring peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Why have I requested it? I own a vacation cabin near the town of Granby and enjoy spotting small GA’s here frequently.

Elevation: Roughly 8,500 ft.

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Airport Name:Dallas-Love field
Country it is located in:USA
Short description of surrounding area: populated middle class area.
Biggest permitted IF aircraft: 747. AF1 comes in there IRL from time to time.
Reason for operation: It is a major hub for SWA
Why have you requested it?: I live 3 Miles NW of DAL and it services a good amount of business jets.
Height above sea level:1486 MSL

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Very similar to this but its closed, Best GA airports would recommend following a similar format and/or copying some of the airports there.

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Hey Callum,
For me since I live in Singapore, we don’t have very many GA airports. However when I visit my Uncle in the US I go and fly with him at N40 a tiny tiny airport. Biggest plane, probably a caravan. Btw if ur so intersted in GA you should check out the GA club that’s about to be made by me and @MisterButler!

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Airport ICAO: YMRY

Airport Name: Moruya

Country it is located in: Australia

Short description of surrounding area: Situated right next to the sea, Moruya has great scenery for GA flights, mountains inland and an hour south of Sydney.

Reason for operation: serving a rural community and to help aspiring pilots in the are to get their license (and to boost tourism)

Why have you requested it?: The scenery and the great layout of the runways. Perfect for patterns

Height above sea level: ~20ft

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Airport Name: Legazpi

Country it is located in: Philippines

Short description of surrounding area: Does not have 15m imagery, however it is located right next to a mountain

Biggest permitted IF aircraft: A320/B737

Reason for operation: Legazpi is the airport for areas in the Bicol area in the philippines, there are many tourist attractions there too // its next to a volcano

Why have you requested it?: I’ve flown there IRL and its beautiful

Height above sea level: 64ft

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Is the runway paved?

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Yes it is but very short!

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I wish there was a database of edited GA/uncontrolled fields here on the forum. That would help a lot.