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So… Per the TBM9 checklist in ForeFlight, you turn on your strobe lights before engine startup. I’ve seen plenty of posts about not turning on strobes until you’re on an active runway.

Here’s my question: Do you turn your strobes off after engine startup and then back on once you hit the active runway? Unless I’ve missed something in the checklist, there’s no mention of turning strobes back off.

Also, it would be awesome if the TBM9 had the Pulse Lights feature and Appr AP button… Maybe I’ll make a feature request on those if they’ve haven’t been made already.

I turn my strobes on when i enter the active in an airliner. But in a GA I usually turn my strobes on before start up since you dont have a beacon


A beacon (red or white) or Anti collisions (strobes) lights are needed on start up!

So most GA aircraft will have to turn on Strobes (even though I keep seeing people everywhere saying not to use them, presumably for Commercial Flights on the ground).

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In some Ga aircraft you use strobes when taxing. It’s for Ga aircraft that don’t have Beacons which I’m pretty sure the TBM doesn’t have it. So that “turn strobe lights on when entering runway” doesn’t apply to the TBM

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Correct that’s for jets only.

Some GA aircraft have Beacons such as a c172 and 208 so strobes are not needed but I can’t be certain about that @DeerCrusher will know cause he is a Cessna 208 pilot

Aircraft that don’t have a red rotating/flashing beacon, you would use the strobes. If its nighttime, you may not want to use the strobes so in that case you’d just use your nav and taxi lights as a means of identifying that your aircraft is on.


Thats true

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