General Aviation Pushback Capability

I think it would be great to have the option to pushback general aviation aircraft such as the C172, C208, TBM, and SR22. Pilots do this all the time in the real world to get into T-hangars, small hangars, out of certain parking spots, etc. Tug types can range from towbars to powered tugs, but in Infinite Flight, it would simply be a button under the Systems menu. Note that the pushback speed could be slightly reduced for the aircraft listed above.

Below, as an example, I’ll attach a screenshot of the hangar in which my training aircraft (C172) is stored in the real world. It is a T-hangar, so the only way to get the aircraft back in after spawn is to pushback. This is just one of many instances that pushback capability could be useful.


Bonus Image of Real World Scene

I can’t imagine this would be hard to do since all the other AC in the game have it