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I’m a brand new IF user.

To my pleasant surprise when i first tried a flight out of PBI, my company i work for was listed as a starting point ACP Jets 1, ACP Jets 2 and ACP Jets 3. which is exactly located at our Hangar.

I found this really cool. However we changed our company name to Alerion Aviation about a year and half ago. How can i get it to be updated. We also have hangars and a FBO in Farmingdale and Long Beach that i would like to reflect in IF.

Any guidance will be much appreciated.


Hi there. I’ll let the airport editors know about this. We should be able to get these updated.

Welcome to the forums, by the way.


Thanks for the report. I renamed the spawn points. Moritz pushed the changes to the repository and you’ll be able to see them in the next update. :)

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Interesting you worked at a place that is also in Infinite Flight! Thanks for telling us.

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Nathan, Thank you very much.

If you don’t mind our Hangar locations at our other bases are as follows:

Lat: 40°44’1.36"N
Long: 73°24’46.85"W

Lat: 40°51’23.62"N
Long: 74° 3’44.03"W

Lat: 33°48’57.07"N
Long: 118° 8’30.07"W

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I still work here. The company has a different name now is the only change:

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Very nice, your fleet is amazing!

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