General aviation needs some attention

Good afternoon. As we all in the community know that infinite flight is one of if not the best flight simulator games today, thanks to the developers and the entire infinite flight members and crews. I want to personally express my disappointment in the slow and sluggish attention that the General Aviation section has received over the years that Infinite flight was first introduced. GA has last seen a new release of aircraft/aircrafts or updates since 2019 (Cessna 172). It seems like the devs has fallen asleep on the GA section. Over the years there has been many votes in the features for the devs to introduce new aircrafts to the GA section, to name a few… (ATR, king air, saab340). PLEASE AS A MEMBER SINCE 2017 I AM KINDLY ASKING THE DEVS AN ALL PARTIES THAT MAKES UP INFINITE FLIGHT SHINE SOME LIGHT ON THE GENERAL AVIATION SECTION!


The #features category does exist and there are a handful of aircraft within this category for folks to vote on. That said, Infinite Flight has made it known that the airliner group of aircraft does appeal users the most. They do however recognize that they have users who have a passion for military and general aviation.