General Aviation Long Hauls

Hi everyone! I’m planning on doing a long haul to LYBE tonight, and I want to use a General Aviation aircraft! Does anyone know a good route that’s about 11-13 hours?

Go to FPLtoIF and click on random flight generator, enter in the flight time length you’d like, and it’ll find one for you. Note that GA aircraft may not be able to do a 13-hour nonstop though

How about a 11 hour flight? With a wide body GA?

I don’t think there’s any GA aircraft that are able to make it that far. Maybe try a BBJ if you want to do something corporate.

Yeah like one of those or like an A350?

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Couldn’t a rather people-and-cargo light 747-8 BBJ do the journey? Or even a DC-10?

I think so!

I flew 13 hours non-stop in an SR22 lol

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Wait, somethings off here, either your mixing up what a GA aircraft is or something, because I’m pretty sure there’s no wide body GA planes, and the A350 is definitely not GA. For a long haul airliner like a 787, A350, 777, the like 13 hours isn’t even pushing it, but unless you want to do a lot of different legs a GA or general aviation aircraft, which are planes like the C172, or 208, the SR22, and XCub, can’t do it. Some people might throw corporate jets like the Citation X in there, but even that would max out somewhere in the ballpark of a transatlantic flight, no where near 13 hours…


@KPIT, a GA aircraft doesn’t have to be the typical single-engine propeller aircraft. Business jets (even the largest ones) count as GA aircraft.

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I did include the Citation X as an aircraft in IF, either way, A350s aren’t GA by any definition I’ve seen. Even the business jets are on the fringes, by definition they may technically fall there under some cases (the ICAO defines it as more or less any flying not for hire), but Cessnas are definitely what most people think of. I suppose an A350 could be if you bought one and flew it yourself just for the fun of it, but I still don’t think it’s unfair to say an A350 isn’t GA…


We were thinking, in IF, more along the lines of the Boeing 747-8 BBJ and the McDonald Douglas DC-10 though. Also, the Airbus A350-9 can be counted as a GA aircraft when flown, on Infinite Flight, using the non-commercial “Infinite Flight - 2019” livery.

When you say General Aviation, do you mean Turbo Prop?

No not Turbo Prop

Oh. Then what else would you mean…🤨

Wow you jumped from GA to the A350 pretty fast there, exact opposites haha

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You could try the private MD-11?

There is a glitch that will allow you to fly at Mach 12 in a Xcub. You can get from Ecuador to Tokyo in 1 hour😂


Someone went from the tip of South America to the top of Alaska using that trick.


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