General Aviation FNF 10th January: NOTAMs

This week we are hosting a General Aviation (GA) Friday Night Flight. This will be located at airports that do not handle larger aircraft. For the vast majority of FNFs we cater to the wider audience who enjoy huge hubs, however, every now and then we turn out attention to GA. This is to ensure all areas of aviation are being represented fairly.


This will mean the following for this week:

  1. TFRs at all event airports
  2. No traffic but GA aircraft at any event airport
  3. There will be no catering to commercial aviation throughout the entire day
  4. Much smaller airports with limited ATC facilities will be open


We have decided this for the following reasons:

  1. GA is vastly under catered for overall, so we like to highlight it on occasion
  2. This type of FNF allows for airports that would otherwise never be featured to be used
  3. It allows for more unique regions to be opened
  4. It gently nudges people to use GA if they wish. This helps with learning new piloting skills and finding new areas of enjoyment within the simulator for users

Furthermore, we are looking to increase the realism of rules on the expert server. This includes more realistic TFR restrictions, NOTAMs, and approach and departures routes during FNFs. We understand this is a learning experience for many users so we are slowly ramping this up to give users time to adjust.


You will see the following in-app:

  1. Red rings around all active airports. Tap on these for information. These are the TFRs
  2. A pop-up message if you spawn at one of the airports with an active TFR. Please read these messages
  3. Warnings from ATC if you try to land at these airports in non-GA aircraft

Users will be given one warning by ATC before ghosting will occur if the user does not divert. The clear and obvious TFR counts as your primary warning.

The TFR information will look like this. Below is an example from KASE:

If you want to know more information about what a TFR is, please see this topic below:


A GA FNF sounds fun to fly and to control as well!

Thank you Misha!


that sounds awesome, something different for once. great Job Misha


A GA FNF sounds fun!


From the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club to you - Thanks Misha 😍🤪


Quick question, so this is whole airport around the globe?

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This is going to be a plesant challenege for the IFATC team, can´t wait to get controlling.


Nope, Misha meant that TFR will be put in place at all featured airports for the this week’s FNF. Hopefully it clears out your confusion


Can’t wait to get my TBM Flyin’ this’ll be fun!


Aw man, the one time we have a really interesting GA FNF my sub expires 😐 Have fun guys!


Thanks for the heads up on this Misha I’m looking forward to it.

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Love this!! Now thinking all week on what aircraft I will be using… 172, tbm, crj200, caravan… or maybe the cirrus…

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Yes! Thank you Misha! Will definitely be getting my C172 out and flying some GA routes! I can’t wait!


GA FNF sounds good!

Just to be clear, what is the largest aircraft to be classified as GA?

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The Cessna 208 Carvan is your best bet.


AWESOME - will fly the Cessna 172 and the TBM

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Wait… what time exactly will this FNF happen? I’ve never been in one before. Thanks

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I…uh… thought the CRJ family was designed for commercial aviation.

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Thanks Misha. #saynotoheathrow. That’s because there is no chance of it being used for a GA FNN :P