General Aviation Day by Infinite Flight

This looks like a thing I would definitely take part in

Awesome! Misha That looks fun!

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This sounds really cool, excited to join in on the GA adventures! Maybe the developers will start thinking about adding some Diamonds into the IF fleet too ;)

I might be blind or extremely blind but was there a date for this GA day?

Sorry for stupid questions, i just scanned through the page.

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Would absolutely love to see Phoenix AZ for GA! We have multiple of the nations busiest GA airports!

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Seem to answer your question. 🙂

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This is great! Need to practice my GA skills!

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I can’t wait!!

The GA aviation day was awesome! Next time we should try see who can land the shortest in the piper cub at Oshkosh!

Just a curiosity.

Will the next GA Day start from the airport we ended from the last GA Day? Or will it start from a random day?

Great idea! A small recommendation: Do an event in Montana! We have tons of beautiful scenery, a large number of GA airports, and are unknown to much of the IFC. Some controlled airport possibilities could be KGPI, KMSO, KHLN, and KBZN.


Yesss. This is epic. Anyone wanna do GA Flight from SFO to LAX later on training server?

show … GA top event … Chance to enjoy all types of planes … Thank you.

Wow! This is so ecxciting!

The event post was 2 months ago…

No, GA day event is hosted by infinite Flight on the first Monday of the month. This post is old but event is still active 🙂


Sorry, I should have been more specific of the “event day” part and more of “bumping a two month old thread”

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