General Aviation callsign

Hey, just a quick topic, wasn’t able to find a duplicate.

How do you get general aviation callsigns that spell out something? I guess to name a few that I have seen:

M-ANGO @ CPT_Colorado
P-INGU @ Pingu
T-HOMAS @ ThomasThePro

I looked through the general aviation callsign selection and I could not find any countries that supported the callsigns shown above.
Is there a way to have a customized callsign still after 20.2? If so, how?


Those pilots had a callsign in the old system so they were grandfathered in. If they change it, they won’t be able to get it back.


I know Isle of the man is the M-, but I found something I liked, looked through the callsign database in the game and spelled out my word lol.
I also know there is a S- in the callsign area for If.

@Drummer i didn’t grandfather it.

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Thomas the pro and Pingu did though

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I see, I figured it was something along those lines, thanks for the response. :)

I know Korea, people’s democratic rep. Is P- but it allows only numbers afterward so I was confused, but you cleared that up, thanks!

No worries. Have a great day!

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Same to you!

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Unfortunately lost this call sign after the switch… rather unfortunate, I thought it would be grandfathered in with the rest

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Well I have D-ANKE I just put the letter D- which is from Germany and then the rest

@Pingu ah, that’s a shame, it was a good callsign too…

@anon57312879 I see, that’s a nice one as well, I think I have some ideas now for a callsign and which country to use now that the confusion is cleared up.

Thanks. :)

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