General Aviation/ Buisiness flights

Will there be any GA or business aircraft in the future such as the king air, gulfstream ext

We know for sure that the XCub is coming, although we don’t know much else. You could always vote for your favorite aircraft though!

That’s what the #features category is for! Vote for your favourite aircraft there.

Thank you. Where can I vote for my favorite aircraft?

Hi @Adam_Rae1, welcome

Much like your recent topic on helicopters, yes there has been lots of topics on more GA aircraft!

Have a search in the features section to see which aircraft have been requested then you can comment on those threads and vote for your favourite to be developed in the future

By commenting, liking posts and voting you will help build up your trust level so that you can open your own feature request!

Happy landings

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You mean like the Citation X, the TBM 930, the Cessna 172 or 208, the SR22, or more like the 737-300 BBJ?
Yes, there are any.

I mean more GA and business aircraft

You can vote on the #features category buddy!

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