General Aviation around the Republic of Ireland!

Hello IFC,

A few weeks ago, me, @twig, and @Declan_Mcgee hopped on FaceTime and decided to some General Aviation around our home country, Ireland. I grabbed a few screenshots of the scenery on the flight.


Server: Expert
Aircraft: Cessna 172 / Cirrus SR22 / TBM-930

Now, the photos!

A place I’m sure @Ryan_Gibb will be very familiar with, Weston Airport.

My hometown, and only 15 minutes from Declan’s house.

A place I’d consider my second home. Lahinch, Co. Clare

Inishmore Island off the Galway coast

The rugged Cliffs of Moher, Ireland’s most famous tourist attraction.

@Rian16’s native land, Kerry

Kerry airport with the sun setting into the mountains.

Thank you for viewing, and enjoy your day!


Well I’ll be damned you made Ireland look really good with the IF satellite scenery. The Lahinch beach and Weston shots were by far my favourite


That’s not Dundalk 🥴


Funtasia! 🤣

Great shots Hugh, nice to see a bit of Ireland portrayed on the IFC!

But, where is Donegal???

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Thank you Ryan, yea I love Lahinch in real life and it looks cool in IF too!

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Doesn’t exist

Fanks tho

Have to give it to Patrick Donegal was voted one of the most scenic places to fly in the world 🤣

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Ahahahaha, good shout.

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That’s true, but we didn’t go there.

Donegal Airport voted most scenic in the world for second year running (

I’ll let it slide this time, but no excuses not to visit for the next one.

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I’m not gonna be flying GA for at least the next 2 weeks as I wanna explore Southeast Asia so

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Kerry be looking amazing as always

Can see the mountains where my rental house is man I want to go back 😭

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You will I’m sure, in a year or so when all this is over

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As a fellow irish man these are great pics. Cheers from Dublin

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Thanks Alan, cheers from kildare!

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